Unveiling the Elegance: Exploring the Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 in Two Captivating Variants

Variant 1: Everose Gold Perfection

The first variant of the Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 showcases the brand’s expertise in working with Everose gold—a proprietary rose gold alloy developed by Rolex. The case, bezel, and bracelet of this variant gleam with the warm, rich tones of Everose gold, creating a striking visual impact. The 40mm case size strikes a perfect balance, making it suitable for both formal occasions and maritime adventures.

The highlight of this variant is the Cerachrom ceramic bezel, a signature feature of the Yacht-Master collection. The matte black bezel not only enhances the watch’s aesthetics but also provides excellent resistance to scratches and corrosion. The bidirectional rotatable bezel features raised numerals, allowing for precise timekeeping and elapsed time measurement during yachting activities.

The dial of the Everose Gold variant is a work of art, with its sunburst finish and Chromalight luminescent hour markers and hands. The date window at 3 o’clock adds a practical touch to the watch, further enhancing its functionality. The Oyster case ensures water resistance up to 100 meters, making it a reliable companion for water enthusiasts.

Variant 2: Oysterflex Bracelet Innovation

The second variant of the Rolex Yacht-Master 116655 introduces a groundbreaking feature—the Oysterflex bracelet. This variant retains the Everose gold case and Cerachrom ceramic bezel but takes the bracelet design to a new level. The Oysterflex bracelet combines the robustness of a metal bracelet with the comfort of an elastomer strap.

The bracelet features a flexible metal blade, covered with high-performance black elastomer. This innovative design ensures a comfortable and secure fit on the wrist while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a traditional Oyster bracelet. The Oysterlock clasp with the Rolex Glidelock extension system allows for easy adjustment, catering to the wearer’s comfort.

The dial of this variant continues the theme of sophistication, with its sunburst finish and luminescent details. The contrast between the Everose gold case and the black Oysterflex bracelet creates a dynamic and modern look, making it a statement piece for those who appreciate contemporary elegance.

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